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Bush’s “War on Terror” policy has lost global appeal

By Syed Mahmood

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, friends and foes of the United States around the World had a great deal of sympathy for the U.S.  People of more than eighty nationalities were killed in this heinous and barbaric attack.

President Bush at one time said, “this tragedy also provides us an opportunity to build our relationship with other nations”. Unfortunately, misguided neoconservative advisers, Bush policies and his handling of the war on terror have renewed another crusade type of war. A group of neoconservative Americans  and the Bush administration decided to also take this opportunity to invade Iraq. They believed that the road to Jerusalem goes through Baghdad.

The policies and attitude of most of the Jewish American law makers and neoconservatives are endangering American interests around the Globe. This is risking American security by advocating and promoting their perverted ideas of global politics. Pro Israeli lobbyists, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (APAIC), legislatures, media elites and the neocons have caused more harm to the American interest by promoting their biased interpretation of International affairs. Neither the Democratic nor Republican legislatures have courage to support a fair and just foreign  policy in the Middle East.

President Bush has acknowledged: “Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me”. Former President Carter said, President Bush’s administration is “the worst in history” in dealing with international relations.

After almost eight years of the Bush presidency, he is leaving a big international policy mess for the next President. The incoming President will have to dig the United States out of the disaster he has created in Afghanistan and Iraq. On the Israeli / Palestinian front, his inability to make any progress for peace will also be a disturbing challenge for the new President.  Bush and Musharraf’s alliance toward the war against terror was also a factor for Musharraf to lose his power in Pakistan.  

Sacking the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court was also a major cause. The mainland of Pakistan also has turned into a battleground for terrorism. Pakistani security forces have lost approximately 1,400 hundred soldiers in this battle. NATO and American forces have lost nearly 1,000 soldiers in Afghanistan. 

The American incursions on Pakistani territories in the tribal areas are turning Pakistanis against America. It will be a difficult task for the newly democratically elected civilian government of Pakistan to effectively support American policies of the war on terror.  The American and NATO attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan on the Taliban is causing a large number of civilian deaths, including women and children. Anti American feelings are on the rise in this part of the World. Afghanis and Pakistanis see their leaders as American puppets.

History is the witness that the Afghan and Tribal regions of Pakistan have never accepted occupation by foreign powers. The United States and NATO cannot subdue these proud and independent minded people with bombs and tanks.  A long-term diplomatic approach with economic incentives to improve the quality of their life and provide them an opportunity to earn a living is the only solution for the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan to gain the support of the local population. 

These are the same Afghanis, known by the whole world as Mujahedin, who fought and defeated the former Soviet Union army (1979-1989) with the help of the CIA and Pakistani Intelligence ISI, and financed by Saudi Arabia and the United States. Any peaceful resolution in the Afghanistan and Pakistani Tribal area will not be effective without engaging the Taliban, Hikmatyar group and other Afghan factions. A sincere process of reconciliation has to start in Afghanistan between these rivals.

India is also in a grip of violence and bombings.  In Kashmir, Indian forces are engaged in reprisal activities against Kashmiri civilians. The Kashmiri people are asking for freedom from India. Around seven hundred thousand Indian forces are stationed in the Kashmir valley.  Over seventy- five civilians have died in the recent non violent uprisings. Any peace initiative in the region will not be long lasting without the solution of the Kashmiri issue between India and Pakistan and without the involvement of Kashmiris.  Bush administration has failed to address this issue.

American and NATO actions in Poland, Georgia and other parts of the former Soviet Union States has provoked Russia to invade Georgia. This Cowboy Diplomacy has emboldened other Nations. Thus, America is losing her impact on International affairs. 

Bush’s single-minded pursuit of the so-called “Islamic fundamentalist terrorism” battle is losing its appeal around the World. Bush’s administration was never serious enough to discuss the  “real causes” of terrorism. Every corner of the Globe is infested with the germs of violence and political chaos. Bush’s presidency has failed to pull off any major diplomatic success.  His administration has failed to build international order.

The Neocons and pro Israeli groups are working hard to keep the issue of war on so called Islamic extremism alive. One of the leaders of this movement, Senator Joe Lieberman, a sympathizer of Zionism from Connecticut, is committed to carry the banner of his mission. His agenda is to utilize American military and financial assets to serve the interests of Israel. As an opportunist, he betrayed the Democratic Party’s primary election process.  After losing in the primary election, he ran as an independent candidate to be in power. The Entire pro Israeli forces with the money were behind his campaign. He introduced Sarah Palin to the APAIC the day before she delivered her speech in the Republican National Convention. “Islamo/fascist” terrorism, a racist invention of the neocons and some groups of pro Israeli lobbies has created this threat to scare Americans. The neocons and Zionist forces are committed to put the West and the Muslim World at a collusion path with each other.

The focus of “War on Terror” should be transformed into the  “War on Social and Political Injustice”. Then, In the long run, Peace and Tranquility will prevail.

Syed R. Mahmood is the founder president of the American Institute of International Studies. He was Republican candidate for 13th Congressional District in 2002.