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October 1, 2015

The double speak at United Nations

 By Oostur Raza

On the morning of September 28th, 2015 our President gave a speech at United Nations. I recognize the fact that with scores of world leaders in audience speakers frequently use the opportunity to position their country in better light than reality.  What disappointed me was the gross double speak President Obama engaged in. He gave a usual lecture on human rights, women rights, democracy, scolded global trouble makers and blamed foes while completely ignoring the US culpability in many of the problems in the world. 

While blaming just about everyone else for the problems faced by the world, Obama cleverly avoided the fact that Anglo-US alliance was responsible for initiating many of the problems and wars in last 25 years (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon). He even had difficult time taking responsibility for the 50 years of economic blackmail imposed on Cuba because of dislike for the communist government under Castro brothers. 

While he lectured Russai, China and Iran and vaguely took swipes at other dictators, he did not mention the three of the biggest dictators and human right violators.  These three are US supported and arms for their brutality come from USA. 

(1)  Saudi Arabia is run by a despot king who denies equal rights and basic freedom to its women population and is known to fund extremist groups to further its Wahabi doctrine. It has attacked Yemen from air, ground for last 90 days without any UN mandate. The Saudis use their oil dollars to promote extremist Wahabi doctrine across Muslim world. This has resulted in disrupting and in some cases wiping out local cultures and heritages in many countries. Taliban, Al Qaida, Lashkare Tayeba and IS (or ISIS) are all byproducts of Wahabi doctrine and are supported by money from Saudi Arabia. The end result has been a massacre of thousands of Muslims with huge burden on women and children. The key supporters of Saudis are Israel and USA. Ironically, in the end Americans end up paying the bill to fight these barbaric and brutal extremists funded by Saudi money. Mr. Obama did not explain his support for this enemy of Muslim world and USA. 

(2)  Egypt under military dictator Sisi is the most brutal regime on the planet today. He is our ally and Obama administration calls him democracy in progress. Sisi has not only overthrown an elected government, he has killed thousands of Egyptians for belonging to a political party. He has jailed thousands others including journalist and religious leaders.  

(3)  In addition to USA the above two brutal regimes are supported by Israel. Israel under Zionist is a brutal and barbaric regime which continues to occupy Palestine in violation of UN resolutions and kills scores of women and children using bombs rushed by Obama during Gaza war. 

President did close with “Absolute power corrupts”.  I suggest the double speak the President engaged in may be a byproduct of the corruption he endured while in power at what he called the strongest power on earth. 

Oostur Raza         
A disappointed Democrat,
Gilroy, California