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November 2014

Global crisis of feminine
By Prf. Arthur Scott:
An underlying source of global/domestic conflict can be traced to the tension between masculine/feminine energies.  These energies are universal, found in each person as well as permeating all cultures regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality.  Ideally male/female energies are meant to be complementary and not antagonistic or in conflict.  When masculine/feminine energies act harmoniously, they generate deep experiences of peace, balance and awe.  In a family/group setting, they are the touchstone of collaboration, cooperation, and creativity.  Unfortunately, the world has gone mad, politically, ecologically and psychologically excoriating the feminine and targeting women.
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Minorities at the Margins:
Poverty among urban Muslims is 13% higher than India's national average
By Abdul Shaban:
While increased social exclusion and religious polarisation are pushing Muslims to urban areas, poverty amongst urban Muslims is 13-16% higher than the national average. In the western and northern states in particular, communalised state machineries and politics act as barriers to the economic and social mobility of Muslims. Malegaon, Mumbra and Bhiwandi in Maharashtra illustrate how poverty is concentrated and perpetuated amongst urban Muslims
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Applying democracy in Muslim states: Facts, fears and future
By Farooq Hassan:
Can Islam and democracy coexist? To what extent are the principles of Islam and democracy compatible? What possibilities exist in Islamic thought to enhance the democratic process? What is the outlook for democracy in Muslim-majority states? What is the future of democracy in Muslim-majority states? Is democracy an-Islamic agenda? There are Muslim and Western writers whose hypothesis is that Islam and democracy cannot co-exist. Some Muslim militants have also resisted and rejected democracy and say that democracy is being fostered by the West with the intention and purpose to destroy Islamic values.
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