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March 2016

Donald Trump’s rhetoric horrifies American Muslims
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali
: Seven-million strong American Muslim community is alarmed at the mounting anti-Islam and anti-Muslim rhetoric by Republican Presidential hopefuls, particularly leading GOP candidate Donald Trump. An unprecedented wave of Islamophobia is now sweeping the United States as the Republican Party has become the epicenter of Islamophobia this election season.
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Friedman’s crocodile tears
By Habib Siddiqui:
For decades the Israeli government's official position, at least in the international forums, has been that it is for a two-state solution to the crisis. That much-publicized view is, of course, for international consumption.  Facts in the ground always betrayed such assertions. Because, what the Zionist governments since the time of her foundation have been doing is very clear: it's called occupation and expansion as part of a very sinister colonial enterprise -‘Rhodes-style’ - in which the indigenous, the conquered, people are pushed to exit or to live a life of a subdued conquered people. 
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Bipartisan Congressional efforts to support Israeli settlements and expansionism
By Stephen Zunes:
Following earlier Congressional initiatives to effectively recognize Morocco's illegal annexation of the occupied nation of Western Sahara, a bipartisan effort has been launched in Congress in support of Israel's colonization of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank and greater East Jerusalem, effectively recognizing Israeli annexation of territories seized in the 1967 war. The expansion of territory by military force is prohibited under the U.N. Charter, and the Israeli settlements are considered illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention, a series of UN Security Council resolutions, and a landmark advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice.
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‘The sense that everybody thought they had WMDs is a total fantasy’
By Janine Jackson: 
In an interview with the CounterSpin about the Iraq War, Dr. Stephen Zunes says: Unfortunately, it has been a major factor, in that just as the media twisted the facts in the lead up to the war by not challenging the claims by the Bush administration and their supporters in Congress of this alleged threat, they do not seem to be very responsible in looking at the history even now that everyone should know better. I recall in 2008, Hillary Clinton repeated the line that inspectors were thrown out, when in fact it was her husband who ordered them to be removed.
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