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An open letter to President Obama by an American Muslim

Dear Mr. President Obama, 

I have seen the tragedy in Paris and heard the speeches by you and European leaders following the horrific crime committed by ISIS in Paris. I convey my condolences to all of those who have lost loved ones. May God give families strength to bear their loss and heal all the wounded.

I write this letter to support your call to defeat ISIS. I suggest the following to accomplish the task of eliminating ISIS and its ideology from the world. The task of defeating ISIS requires us to understand the roots of ISIS and its doctrine.

Creation of ISIS: Who created ISIS and how?

    USA role: Unfortunately we were either a willing participant or duped into several foreign policy missteps over past 30 years which helped the creation of ISIS. Here are the facts to support that:

     (a) Following Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, USA created and supported a coalition to drive Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. The stated goal was to limit Soviet influence in South Asia and deny them a warm water port. That effort provided an opportunity for Saudis to accomplish their end goal of spreading extreme Wahabi doctrine via Taliban and Al-Qaida in South Asia.

    (b) USA supported Iraq and Saddam Husain to wage a long war against Iran. Again Saudis supported the war and promoted Wahabi doctrine in otherwise secular Iraq under Saddam.

    (c) Dismantling of Iraqi forces following our fake war resulted in creation of ISIS. (d) USA is a long term supporter of Saudis where the fundamental Wahabi ideology is exported from to poor Muslim countries. Given Saudi oil, its opposition to Iran and relationship with American and British corporate interest, all past American presidents have overlooked Saudi mischief. I applaud your recent criticism of Wahabi extremism.

    (e) Western eagerness to topple Assad provided perfect place for ISIS to launch itself.

    (f) Long term US support of apartheid regime in Israel and its brutal massacre of innocent civilians using our weapons drives global Muslim anger and helps recruiting by ISIS and other radical groups.

    All of the above led to promotion of extremist Wahabi doctrine and birth of ISIS. Many in the Muslim world see above actions to be driven by anti-Islam or anti Iran (or Shia) strategy of USA, Israel and Saudis. I am inclined to call it corporate greed supplemented by some policy blunders. In any case, the facts are that we ended up supporting and promoting Saudi Wahabi doctrine and the creation of ISIS.

    Colonial European role: Colonial European powers played a large role in creating despotic regimes and national boundaries to enhance their interests. England was primary culprit in setting up Saud family and France’s role in long occupation and meddling in Algeria is well documented.  England has supported and driven us in many of the missteps and shares the responsibility.  French along with Germans cleverly stepped away from the Bush’s blunder in Iraq. Now, front line Europeans are paying for Western mischief in Iraq and Syria.

    Israeli role: With strong control over US media, US corporate world and influence on Congress, Israel has been driving anti-Muslim agenda in our country. The rise of ISIS, removal of Gaddafi and civil war in Libya, ongoing crisis in Syria to topple Assad, and turmoil in Gulf region are in Israel’s interest and fits its stated strategy against all Muslim nations. The survival of ISIS and destruction of Iran are two key objectives of Zionist foreign policy. I applaud you for stepping away from Israel on Iran. We need to step away from Israel and its destructive anti-Muslim strategy.

1. ISIS doctrine: Where the doctrine originated?

    ISIS is based on Wahabi doctrine floated and promoted by Saudis. Wahabi doctrine has very little to do with Islam. It is followed by less than ten percent of Muslims. The doctrine is rooted in Saudi nomadic culture mixed in with warped interpretation of selected verses of Quran. The Saudis support and are allied with ISIS on doctrine. Their opposition to ISIS is based on ISIS’s proclamation of Caliphate which replaces Saudi King as in-charge of Islam.

2. Support for ISIS ideology: By whom and how ISIS ideology is supported?

    ISIS is based on and is completely in line with Wahabi doctrine which is managed by Saudi religious council. Saudi royal family and Saudi religious leaders do not and cannot object to ISIS ideology.

    In contrast, ISIS ideology is opposed and declared un-Islamic by hundreds of Muslims scholars from all Muslim countries. Over 90% of Muslim population is Sunni and Shia and oppose Wahabi doctrine and practices.  The Saudis and some Gulf allies’ are working hard to spread the Wahabi doctrine in all poor Muslim countries. We need to stop that and do that now.

3. Arms, logistic and financial support: Who are key culprits and suppliers?

     Just about all of the arms at ISIS disposal is of US origin. It is very difficult to  comprehend that we were completely unaware of stockpiling of arms by ISIS for  several  years and was also unaware of transfer of American arms from Iraqi and Syrian  militia  groups. While I applaud your careful arm supply policy to Syrian rebels, I suggest  we need to stop all arms supply to extremist groups.

     Most of the ISIS’s initial funding came from Saudis and Gulf regimes. I suspect hard  line Wahabis are still providing financial support to ISIS.

4. Destroying ISIS for good:

    If we want to eliminate the menace of ISIS from this world, we must stop the spread of Wahabi doctrine and get away from its primary supporter - Saudis. Moderate Muslim nations who depend on Saudi money cannot openly oppose Saudis but will support elimination of ISIS. Turks will support but continue to focus on Kurds first. Only Iranian regime will support our effort. It’s ironic but Russians are a good partner in this endeavor. Let’s work with them.

Everyone on this earth knows where the extremist doctrine and teachings come from and who funds it. We support the despotic Saudi regime, the primary promoter of the extremism and also support the Zionist Israel and its brutal and barbaric occupation of Palestine. Why don’t we stop supporting these two if we are interested in eliminating ISIS and extremism? I urge you to align our policy with vast majority of Muslim people and Muslim nations. Failure on our part to do so will help ISIS thrive, help Saudi mischief and Israeli brutality.

Any delay or failure will continue to threaten our security and perhaps more so the security of the Europeans because of proximity to ISIS. As you pointed out in your speech in Turkey, the goal must be to defeat ISIS and its supporters and not to fight Islam and Muslim nations. I hope we will make the right choice.

Thank you and God bless America,

Oostur Raza
California, USA
Date: November 18, 2015