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March 5, 2015

Nuclear Iran: A Solution for Peace

By Syed R. Mahmood

[Editor: This article was published in the July/August  2010 issue of the Journal of America. It was also published by SF Bay Area Newsgroup.The article is reproduced because it remains relevant after nearly five years in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress on March 3. Netanyahu claimed that a deal under discussion on Iran's nuclear program could "pave its way to the bomb", rather than block it.   Talks on Iran's nuclear program are nearing a critical late-March deadline for an outline agreement to be reached. The White House had criticized his plan to address the Republican controlled Congress - at the Republican Party invitation, without consulting the White House.  The White House said the Israeli leader was trying to swell US opposition to any Iran deal. Following the speech, US President Barrack Obama told reporters he had seen "nothing new" in the speech transcript.]

A nuclear Iran may be an opportunity to advance the cause of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. In international relations, a balance of power encourages stability and security between countries. History is witness that - when a balance of power was seriously disrupted between nations, it has created a situation which can lead to war between them.

After World War II, an international military alliance, NATO, was created by Western Europe to defend against a possible invasion by the Soviet Union. The United States and Canada also decided to join this alliance.

In 1955, The Soviet Union also decided to form the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance with the countries of Eastern Europe to counter any threat from the NATO Alliance. Both alliances claimed that their objectives were to maintain international peace and security.

According to an estimate, Israel has about 100-200 strategic nuclear weapons. Now there is a huge imbalance of power in favor of Israel in the Middle East. The United States has helped Israel to become this uncontrollable military monster. An undeclared nuclear Israel has created a dilemma for the American Administration. The impotency of the American Congress in dealing with Israeli affairs and a strong manipulation of the American Press, by a large number of Jewish Journalists and legislators, do not allow a common American to get a fair assessment of the situation in the Middle East. Thus, Israel has no reason to negotiate a viable two state solution with the Palestinians.

President Obama was threatened by Jewish American Congressmen, not to put pressure on Israel if he wants their support for the Health Care Bill.

An emeritus Professor Jeff Halper, at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, says that “Israel would like to divide the Palestinian state into five or six cantons, completely controlled by Israel. It would not have any meaningful sovereignty and viability, no coherent territory, no freedom of movement, no economic development, no control of water, no communication and no military.”

President Woodrow Wilson believed that shared concept of justice between nations is a prerequisite for international order. He also advocated that there should be no distinction between the morality of the individual and the morality of the state.    

Due to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the security issue for America in the last twenty to twenty five years has become a nightmare. The United States is standing at the crossroads of a financial crisis. Our national debt is $12.7 trillion. The Global financial and political Gurus are trying to comprehend the causes and solutions to the American political and economic tsunami.

Jonathan Ben- Artizi, a PhD student who is also Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu’s nephew compares the present days of Israeli treatment of Palestinians with South Africa. He also warned Americans that a blind support for Israel hurts Israelis.   

In 1823, President James Monroe warned the European powers to keep out of the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine also warned them that they should not become entangled in American affairs.

Iran is the most admired country in the Muslim world for her stand against the foreign influence in the Arabian Gulf, as it is known in Arab lands. Iran is more than a five thousand year old civilization and is the only democracy in the region. The Failed military adventures In Afghanistan and Iraq has radicalized a large number of younger generations in the Muslim world. The Drone attacks in FATA, Pakistan is also fueling strong hatred against the United States. President Obama has to take a lead without any prejudice and adopt a respectable and honorable approach towards the solution for the nuclear issue. The Israeli nuclear issue has to be part of the solution.

Syed R. Mahmood. a founder and President of American Institute of International Studies. A former Republican Congressional Candidate, district 13, 2002.