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December 2014

Ending Terrorism in Pakistan
By Dr. Abdul Jabbar:
The news of mass killing of 142innocent people (132 of them students)in the Army Public School in Peshawar is shocking and painful beyond words. The curse of terrorism has to be addressed in a systematic manner. Some steps need to be taken right away. Other measures need to be initiated but will take time to have their effect.
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Crucifying school children at the altar of Great Power Game
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali:
The Peshawar Army Public School massacre has sparked an unexpected debate on the 2007 brutal military operation against the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) and Hasfa Islamic School in Islamabad where around 2,000 people most of them boys and girls students were killed. Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid poured sarcasm on the civil society people demonstrating and lighting candles for the Peshawar dead and said they should also have felt pain for the 82 madarsa students killed in Bajaur and other deaths in military operations. “My brother, his family and many people dear to me and a large number of students were killed in army operation here (in Lal Masjid in 2007), but I did not raise such hue and cry,” he said. Maulana Aziz also said that he did not consider the 142 schoolchildren killed by the Taliban in Peshawar “martyrs.”
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Modi Menace: For the people, by the people
By Sourav Banerjee: Hardly over a month ago (November 25, 2014), my eyes caught a Navbharat Times article saying, over 3 lakh bogus voters found in Varanasi, the place which blessed our current PM with a land-slide victory in the Lok Sabha election earlier this year. It further reports that the Election Commission has so far traced 3,11,057 fake voters and is expecting the number to reach around 6 lakhs by the end of the scrutiny process. Read More

Mid-term elections: The republicans now control both houses of congress
 Arthur Kane Scott: Though Republicans won at the polls, their victory is at best a minority victory and what is even more paradoxical is that their national agenda differs drastically from most Americans. The People's agenda for Congress includes lower student loans (80%), infrastructure modernization (75%), raising minimum wage (65%), fighting Ebola (60%), climate change (59%) and Keystone Pipeline (54%). Mitch McConnell and John Boehner however want to repeal Obamacare, pass Asian Trans- Pacific Partnership trade agreement, lower corporate taxes, challenge Obama on immigration and reign in EPA.
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