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December 2011

Memogate scandal escalates in Pakistan
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali:
President Asif Ali Zardari has returned to Pakistan apparently after assurances from the Army Chief General Ashfaq Kiyani that he will not be implicated in the so-called Memogate scandal that has destabilized Zardari’s US-installed government.
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Pakistan’s Options as Islamabad-Washington remain tense
By Yasmeen Ali:
The policy of restricting her major economic interactions has given USA immense leverage to call the shots where Pakistan is concerned. There are lessons to be learnt here. Political independence & sovereignty is the outcome of economic independence.
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Assad and the Christian minority
Arthur Kane Scott:
Although Syrian Christians are reasonably well off, affluent and politically entrenched as members of Bashir Assad’s inner circle: a Christian heads the Central Bank and another Defense; they are nevertheless well aware of their minority status in Syria, and fear that if Assad goes there will be sectarian bloodbath on a scale greater than what occurred in Iraq between Shiia/Sunna or in Bosnia. Their fear is not groundless, and is based on several critical events that have profoundly shaped their psychology and historical relationship to the Muslim majority.
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Atlanta and Saudi-US Business Forum
By Abdulateef Al-Mulhim:
Atlanta is one of the most interesting cities in the US. I have visited Atlanta many times. The most important two visits were in 1996, for the Summer Olympics, and the other in 1994 for the Super Bowl. This year I really wanted to be in Atlanta from Dec. 5 to 7.  During those 3 days in Atlanta, there will be a very important gathering for Saudi and American businessmen and women to review business opportunities.
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Arabs and NASA’s science fact
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim: To the Arabs, every new gadget is a science fiction, because we know how to buy and use, but not how to invent. When we measure the gap between NASA and any Arab educational institute, then the gap is so huge, you would think the number is science fiction.
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Arab revolutions and the power of nonviolent action
By Stephen Zunes:
While sitting in a Cairo café just a couple blocks from Tahrir Square recently, I couldn’t help but notice the television in the corner broadcasting the evening news. Traditionally, TV news in Egypt and other Arab countries has consisted of the president (or king) giving a speech, greeting a foreign visitor or engaging in some other official function. This evening, however, the news was about a labor strike in Alexandria and ongoing developments in the pro-democracy struggles in Yemen and Syria.
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US-led NATO attack on Pakistan worsens Islamabad-Washington ties
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali:
The already frayed US-Pakistan relations have fallen to their worst point after US-led NATO helicopters destroyed two Pakistani military check posts killing 24 soldiers and injuring 13 others. The checkposts - located about 2.5 kilometres inside the Pakistan-Afghanistan border - were set up to stop the cross border violation and infiltration of militants from Afghanistan into Pakistani area.
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