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 August 2011

The Syrian revolution: A revolution in complexity
By Arthur Scott:
Last month I discussed the theme of Middle East complexity and wish to explore it further by focusing on the Syrian Revolution through the lenses of geography and religion/ethnicity/politics. Syria’s geopolitical setting is critical and crucial as it borders Turkey to the North, Iraq to the East, Jordan/Israel to the South and Lebanon to the West.  Because of its geography, its “Arab Spring” sends reverberations not only to the adjacent states but throughout the Arabian Peninsula. 
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Terrorism in Norway – how to avoid it in the future?
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
: Hatemongering provocateurs, who are no better than terrorists, have long been selling their poison pills of Eurabia - how Muslims soon will take over Europe, if they are not checked. The neocon ideologue Daniel Pipes discovered Jihad in the 2005 riots of France. Similarly, Mark Steyn wrote, “As France this past fortnight reminds us, the changes in Europe are happening far faster than most people thought.” In 2006, Steyn expanded his delusional paranoia into the book America Alone. As you can guess, it was a huge hit, a New York Times bestseller, amongst many delusional readers. Not surprisingly, the dim-witted former president George W. Bush is a fan. In Republican and Tea Party circles, Steyn's vision of an enfeebled, infertile Europe overrun by fecund, violent Muslims is almost a truism. But to his dismay, no such ‘Eurabian civil war' has been started by ‘wide-eyed' Muslim ‘Jihadists.' Instead, what we find is the terrorism of brain-washed white Europeans. For people like Steyn, that is more than enough. Tell a true story, treat it as typical (and not an exception) and then draw a scary conclusion. This is the standard operating procedure of alarmists like Steyn.
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