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April 2012

Military intervention in Syria is a bad idea
By Stephen Zunes:
Although the impulse to try to end the ongoing repression by the Syrian regime against its own people through foreign military intervention is understandable, it would be a very bad idea. Empirical studies have repeatedly demonstrated that international military interventions in cases of severe repression actually exacerbate violence in the short term and can only reduce violence in the longer term if the intervention is impartial or neutral. Other studies demonstrate that foreign military interventions actually increase the duration of civil wars, making the conflicts longer and bloodier, and the regional consequences more serious, than if there were no intervention. In addition, military intervention would likely trigger a "gloves off" mentality that would dramatically escalate the violence on both sides. Even putting aside the recent historical record, however, virtually anyone familiar with Syrian politics and history can recognize the fallacy of such foreign support for the armed struggle.
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The politics of religious freedom
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali:
A broad national coalition of more than 60 civil advocacy organizations and individuals have sent a joint letter to Senators Inouye, McConnell and Durbin expressing "deep concern" at the recent controversial appointment of Zuhdi Jasser to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The coalition asked that Jasser's appointment by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) be rescinded because he has been a vocal opponent of religious freedom for American Muslims.
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Root causes of rising gasoline price at the pump
By Maqsood Ul Haque:
Gasoline prices at the pump have been on the rise for decades, for higher profitability margin for the oil corporations. According to Mark Cooper, Director of Research Consumer Federation of America: "Over the past five years the average annual household expenditure for gasoline has increased by $1,000.  A major cause of this immense increase in consumer cost is the failure of the federal authorities to prevent the abuse of market power by oil companies, and failure of the administration and congress to enact policies that fix the failures that plague the gasoline market. In the past five years, the increase in the price paid to domestic refining and marketing has cost consumers over $130 billion."
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International Relations: Methods  Concepts  and Challenges - Part – 1
By Syed R. Mahmood
: The Western Society takes great pride in claiming that Plato and Aristotle are the founders of the Western thought. Most of the Western scholars and thinkers are in agreement that the process of thinking, analyzing, debating and understanding of human affairs are based upon the teachings of these two giant pillars of the Western Civilization. Plato composed over twenty revolutionary dialogues in the form of prose and series of philosophical letters. Plato believed in three level of human nature.
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Another fruitless Arab summit
By Abdulateef al-Mulhim: 
If the Arab leaders held a summit conference annually after the establishment of the Arab League in 1945, then, the Baghdad Arab summit which was held on March 29, 2012, would have been number 67. But, the Baghdad summit, which was held last week is only the 23rd. The question is, what did the Arabs gain from these summits? Read More

East Timor issue annoys chancellor of Australian National University
By Stephen Zunes:
I have rarely ever come face to face – only inches in fact – with such anger. Certainly not at an academic conference. And certainly not from such a prominent figure: chancellor of Australian National University, former attorney-general and foreign minister, former head of the International Crisis Group, and one of the world’s most prominent global thinkers. Yet here I was with Gareth Evans, cursing at me, ripping my badge off, and threatening to punch me in the face. What prompted his outburst was my raising the issue of his support for the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia during its savage repression in the occupied island nation of East Timor. Since the March 17 conference at the University of Melbourne – at which I, like Evans, was a plenary speaker – was about the first anniversary of the Arab revolts, the organizers came to his defense by insisting that I had raised an issue that was off-topic. In reality, it was very relevant.
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School of Americas Watch delegation visits volatile El Paso-Juarez
Arthur Kane Scott:
School of Americas Watch (  led by Father Roy Bourgeois recently led a delegation of nine to El Paso – Juarez to investigate the socio-economic and political devastation that Mexican women/men/children are experiencing in the city of Juarez bordering El Paso, Texas
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