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November 16 , 2015

10 Reasons why the Paris terrorist attack
could be a false flag operation

By Binu Mathew

The Paris terrorist attack that killed 129 people is a horrific, heinous and barbarious act. We should strongly condemn the incident and demand that thorough investigation should be conducted and the perpetrators should be booked and given exemplary punishment so that such incidents may not be repeated anywhere again.

Even before the investigations began, in fact an hour after the attack took place, French President Hollande blamed the attack on ISIS. Later ISIS themselves came forward and claimed that they carried out the attack. This may well be the case. But we cannot forget the fact that anyone can claim to be an ISIS and take responsibility of the attack. Even if the claim was made by the ISIS themselves that doesn’t prove that they carried out the attack. They can falsely take claim on the attack, to boost their image as the best terrorist group around, a claim that will fill their coffers with terrorist sympathizers from around the world. So, the ISIS claim cannot be taken in its face value, but must the thoroughly investigated.

There is another angle to Paris terrorist attack. This may well be a false flag attack. False flags attacks have happened several times before in history, including the infamous Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933, initially blamed on the communists which was later proved to be the handiwork of German secret service. The fire was used as evidence by the Nazi Party that communists were plotting against the German government. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler later famously said, “Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.

Here is a short history of proven false flag attacks. Paris attack may not be a false flag attack. But we cannot rule out the false flag angle. This angle too must be investigated before we reach any conclusion regarding the Paris terrorist attack. Here are 10 facts which may prove that the Paris attack may have been a false flag attack.

1. The attack was carried by a group of 8 terrorists. Seven got killed in the operation one person, Salah Abdesslam, was the lone survivor. The coordinated terrorist attack, using sophisticated weapons, needed elaborate planning, and transnational coordination. It is impossible to believe that such planning was done under the radar of America’s 16 intelligence agencies, including sophisticated NSA eaves dropping and the French and European intelligence agencies. Salah Abdesslam was detained in the Belgian border several hours after the attack by the French Police and inexplicably allowed to go scot-free.

2. At least one of the terrorists, Omar Ismael Mostefai, was a Parisian who had been on a terror watch list for five years, but was not being monitored closely enough to be stopped before he took part in the murderous attack. He was put on an S-Card watch list for radicalization in 2010. S-Card or Fiche S is basically a classification used by French law enforcement to flag an individual considered to be a threat to national security and possibly requiring surveillance or monitoring. How someone on French government watch list carry out a terror attack of such massive scale without the knowledge of French security agencies is incredulous.

3. A Syrian passport was found from the site of the suicide bomb blast site, purportedly to be that of Ahmad Almohammad. It is beyond belief that the passport was intact while the person holding it blown into thousand pieces. Incidentally, identity papers of the alleged terrorists are found at the location of many proven false flag attacks that have taken place around the world.

4. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, under Regan administration and a former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal said he “received a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks. Among other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance The attack was not a straightforward DDOS attack but a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware. Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement.”

5. The attack took place at a time when Europe was reeling under the pressure of growing refugee crisis of its own creation of many plundering wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa. It is not just coincidental that the passport of a Syrian refugee was found among alleged terrorists. Immediately after the attack the French border was closed, followed by most of the European countries. The European refugee crisis is solved for the time being!

6. An hour after the terror attack French President Hollande blamed the attack on ISIS, even before the group claimed responsibility of the attack. How did he know ISIS was behind the attack so soon? If he had prior information, why didn’t he stop the attack?

7. Hollande declared that it was an "act of war" much like George W.Bush’s famous statement “War on USA” just after the 9/11 attacks. The word ‘War’ has tremendous implications as we saw it unfurl after 9/11, 2001. Deja Vu. New York Times reported "France bombed the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday night, its most aggressive strike against the Islamic State group it blames for killing 129 people in a string of terrorist attacks across Paris only two days before"

8. The attack took place when Russia has started asserting itself in Syria with coordinated air strikes with Syrian government. The Assad regime is winning the battle for the crucial Aleppo with Russian air support. The Russia-Syria-Hezbollah-Iran axis has turned the applecart of the western alliance in Syria.

9. The attack took place just after the Obama administration announced that it will deploy ground forces in Syria and Iraq and just before the multi-nation November 14 talks in Vienna on Syria and the crucial G 20 summit which turned into a summit on terrorism with all the world leaders condemning terrorism unequivocally.

10. Last but not the least, the question that all investigators ask is who benefits from the crime. Just like what happened after 9/11 ‘a coalition of the willing’ of USA and NATO may be in the making for increased assault on Syria to win back the momentum from the Russia-Assad coalition. Refugees flowing into Europe will be dealt with an iron hand by the whole of Europe unitedly. More draconian laws like Patriot Act could be enacted throughout Europe. The military industrial complex will be salivating, which made thousands of billions of dollars in Iraq and Libya through weapons trade, supplying military contractors, reconstruction contracts etc. The momentum of Marine Le Pen , the ultra-nationalist and anti-immigrant and anti-refugee leader of National Front who has come out on top of the candidates for the next French presidential election and Bernie Sanders in USA could be toppled.

Who lose? We the people. Refugees will be severely affected. More draconian laws will be forced upon us. We lose our freedom. More surveillance will be put on our every move, even on our thoughts. More wars will be fought on tax-payers money, channeling it into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex corporate entities. The world will be even more worse place.

Binu Mathew is the editor of He can be reached at